Roof frameworks

The roof framework is of key importance for the roof’s durability. Its elements, with a properly selected profile, have to withstand the weight of the roof covering, snow, and wind.

We prepare the individual elements of the roof framework according to the design you provide. We only use tried and trusted materials – pine, spruce and larch wood.
Finished elements can be weatherproofed on request.

We are a leader in our region

Every roof framework project is different. Regardless of the type of framework– whether it’s a rafter, collar or a queen post one – the wood used is of the highest importance.
Wood processed in the Izbica Sawmill is carefully selected and processed under the watchful eye of specialists with decades of experience.

Every year, many roof frameworks of standard sizes and custom-made to individual projects are sent out all over Europe.

We pride ourselves on being a leader in roof framework production.

Construction timber

Solid pine beams in several standard, square and rectangular cross sections, as well as batten, counter-batten, square-sawn timber and formwork beams. Perfect for any wooden construction.

Timber wood

The basic and the first type of wood that we have been producing and selling for over 60 years. Carefully dried, trimmed and untrimmed timber – 19, 22, 25, 28, 32, and 50 millimetres thick – from the Izbica Sawmill is praised by carpenters all over the region.


Eye-catching wall and ceiling paneling, which is now back in fashion. We produce paneling wood of various length, width and thickness. Carefully selected paneling is perfect for classic, Scandinavian, rustic and industrial interior styles.


A good alternative to plastic soffits. A wooden soffit from the Izbica Sawmill will be a unique and natural ornament to any roof. It also goes perfectly with various decorative materials of the elevation. Additionally, it protects the roof from rodents, mammals, birds and insects.

pine, larch

Floorboards made from pine or larch wood. Durable and practical. They look splendid in any type of interior, always adding an atmosphere of cosiness to it.


Solid floorboards made from oak wood. Produced only from selected parts of trees. Durable planks of various, also custom, dimensions.


Can cover parts or the whole elevation. Carefully prepared and dried to prevent deformations at every stage of use. Available in various lengths and thicknesses – they will work even in the most demanding projects.


Terrace boards with top ribbing are a very safe terrace covering (anti-skidding). The ribbing excellently gathers and drains water. It also prevents the surface from cracking, which can affect the aesthetics of the terrace floor.

Garden elements
Balcony panels
Fence panels

Balcony and fence panels with a specially low humidity. Sawn with precision and ready to install and treat. Available in various lengths.

Antiqued wood

The wood is specially prepared and antiqued in several stages. A specially designed process allows us to achieve the natural appearance of wearing down due to use. It will add character and a classical atmosphere to any interior.

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